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CMAS CONNECT for Audience Engagement & Measurement Solution

CMAS CONNECT for Audience Engagement & Measurement Solution

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CMAS CONNECT Wi-Fi Marketing Solution is engineered to combine revolutionary Audience Engagement & Measurement Analytics with hardware that is robust.

CMAS Licensed Wi-Fi Router measures traffic flow in real-time on a per campaign, sensor and time basis. It also triggers a one time splash page that will take more information from the connected audience and link a URL pop-up once the mobile users click on it. This URL pop-up can be used as a promotional and advertisement message.

With CMAS Connect, you can track and monitor foot traffic and trends in your store. When customers log into free Wi-Fi, you can track how they move throughout the store and create heat maps that show where they spend the most and least amount of time.
Being able to see how customers move around in your store helps you improve your in-store operations and promotions. You can identify busy times that require more staff and see the areas in your location that customers miss or don’t spend much time in.

The CMAS Connect license cost is a recurrent yearly license per Access Point and is offered on a 12 months renewal basis. It includes a Free Access Point hardware.

Solution includes the following:

- Introductory kick-off training with Router sensor calibration.
- Custom Dashboard, reporting, and Traffic Analytics.
- Analytics Capture Circumference: 230 feet / 70 meters.
- Custom Hotspot and Self-serve landing page engagement platform.
- Remote support with guaranteed response time within 24 hours.
- Access Point hardware with casing to mount sensors to wall, ceiling, etc.

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